Monday Sept 17 2018 Update

Still doing some testing but getting closer. The main problem is trying to find a good replacement that still does everything the old forum did but also fixes the last two issues I was having. Haven’t found that sweet spot yet, but feel like I’m getting close.

Hello world of Vintage Windmillers.

Welcome to the new site.

Obviously the old site had become old and outdated. I was getting emails and calls from several members stating that they were not able to log in and post anymore.

That, along with the fact that I had been fighting spammmers and new member issues for a long time I decided to start working on a new solution.

I’m working to get a new site up and running with a new forum.

See if you can register, log in and post. I’m not saying this is a permanent solution, just one I’m trying first.

Update, looks like it’s still not working. I hope to have something up and running within a few days to a week. I apologize for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Go here to try.